Abandoned railway station Una

Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Abandoned railway and railway station is located near the river Una on the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina with Croatia.

The place is accessible by car, but due to the steep hill, a 4×4 drive is suitable for traction. The road to the railway building is full of loose stones and dust, there is a high probability that you will not be able to get to the top with the passenger.

We recommend choosing the route from Martin Brod to Drvar along gravel roads. At first the path follows the river and railway, but then the tracks start to disappear above you and you are still riding at a level slightly above the river. From the shelter, it is then necessary to overcome a relatively large height difference and scramble to the stop. Above the stop, continue up the hill over the large stones until you reach the poloniny.

Where to find Abandoned railway station Una

Coordinates: 44.4253592, 16.1436642