Jungfernsprung – waterfall

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The Jungfernsprung waterfall is located a few kilometers south of the town of Heiligenblut in the Carinthia region and due to its impressive size is visible even from the road. It is a waterfall in a completely natural environment, where there is only a simple access road and then an unmarked path along the river of the waterfall, which is ideal for photographers.

Free entry, several parking spaces available. Lower traffic.

The Jungfernsprung waterfall (Zoppenitzenbachfall) falls from the mountains in 3 stages over 130 meters. At the beginning of summer the waterfall can be very strong and at that time it is one of the best waterfalls to visit in Austria. The ideal month to visit the waterfall is June.

Where to find Jungfernsprung – waterfall

Coordinates: 47.0114489, 12.8633825