Lakes in Bosnia and Herzegovina

There are more than 10 beautiful lakes to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Some are natural, others are artificial, some dry out over the summer, others maintain their level all year round. We will show you five lakes that are worth visiting.

Lake Shator

Šator is one of the most beautiful lakes in Bosnia and Herzegovina, located at an altitude of almost 1,500 m above sea level. under the mountain Veliki Šator 1872m. Lake Šator is of glacial origin. Access to the lake is via a gravel road suitable for cars. It is possible to spend the night in the wild by the lake, and a small bar has been open for the last year.

Prokoško lake

Prokoško lake is one of the most picturesque lakes, thanks to the original cottages in its vicinity. It is located in the Vranica Mountains at an altitude of 1635 meters above sea level. Prokoško is of glacial origin. Access to the lake is via a gravel road, the access itself is charged. You will find restaurants and accommodation by the lake.

Blidinje lake

The Blidij lake is located in the Blidinije mountain range 1,179 meters above sea level below the Pločno mountain. Blidinje is of glacial origin. The lake is 3.5 km long and 2 km wide and only 2.5 m deep at its deepest point. Access to the lake is from an asphalt road.

Ram lake

Ram Lake is an artificial lake created by damming the Rama River at an altitude of 590 m. The lake is 12 km long and over 90 m deep at the dam. The lake has countless forested islands and peninsulas. Access to the lake is via an asphalt road with numerous access roads.

Bileć lake

Bileć Lake is of artificial origin and was created by damming the Trebišnjica River, it is one of the largest artificial lakes in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is over 18 km long and up to 4 km wide with a maximum depth of over 100 m. Access is possible from the asphalt road along many driveways.