Johannes wasserfall – waterfall

johanneswasserfall-2 Johanneswasserfall-1 Johanneswasserfall-3 Johanneswasserfall-5 Johanneswasserfall-6

A beautiful 60 meter high waterfall in the Austrian Upper Tauern mountains hides in a valley near the road leading to the famous Obertauern ski resort.

There are mostly wooden stairs leading to the waterfall, and the interesting thing is that you can also walk under the waterfall.

The advantage is less traffic and a naturally clean environment. There is longitudinal parking for about 6 cars by the road, from the parking lot there is a view of the top of the mountain Scheckkopf 1845 m.a.s.l.

You can go around the waterfall on a beautiful walking route called the Johanneswasserfall rundweg.

Where to find Johannes wasserfall – waterfall

Coordinates: 47.2512842, 13.5076631