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Near the town of Sankt Johann im Pongau there is a canyon Lichtenstein Gorge. The Liechtenstein gorge is about 4 km long, of which roughly 1 km is accessible to visitors. The canyon is up to 300 meters deep. It is only a few meters wide in some places, it can be viewed from secured wooden bridges, and a wooden spiral staircase is among the attractions.

Entrance fee €11 per person, free parking (plenty of parking spaces).

Personally, I don’t rate this attraction very positively, probably because of the large number of visitors or the overcrowding of tourists and several souvenir shops. I don’t like the steel nets everywhere and the security that makes it impossible to enjoy the experience. I was more impressed by the Sigmund-Thun-Klamm gorge.

Where to find Liechtensteinklamm

Coordinates: 47.3127561, 13.1892694