Favorite routes

1 – lehké trasy, we can mark everything you drive in a regular front wheel drive car. These are asphalt and paved roads. Suitable for complete beginners.
2 – středně těžké trasy are more demanding, we recommend a vehicle with a higher chassis. On these routes you will mainly encounter gravel and forest roads. Suitable for slightly advanced drivers.
3 – těžké trasy they are intended for experienced drivers, with a 4×4 vehicle, or touring enduro. On the way, you may also encounter weather hazards that will cause obstacles on the way, these routes require full control and knowledge of the limits of your motorcycle/offroad.
4 – extrémně těžké trasy we do not recommend riding an enduro motorcycle alone due to the risk of injury in the event of a fall. The car is only a suitably modified 4×4 expedition vehicle, the rear differential lock and winch are suitable. And of course a very experienced driver.